This is my second blog post in as many days so I’m feeling quite proud of myself for that. As for art making, I’m currently wrestling with a few opportunities and exhibitions, so I’m stuck in my studio trying to trick myself into thinking that I don’t want to go outside and enjoy the early spring. One of the shows is a project called #tweetart, instigated on twitter by @peepart, with the only requirement for entering being that artists had a twitter account. I’ve been meaning to submit something for a while but didn’t have any inspiration. That is, until I decided to go meta and paint avatars as a kind of visual #ff to people who responded to the idea of being involved.

My first thought was to draw them onto board with pastel as I’ve been working a lot with this medium lately. However, it seems acrylic was the most effective way to make the images, so I picked up a brush for the first time in years and started painting.

Those of you who are artists will understand how a non-painter feels about this, after spending much of my artistic career explaining to people that I don’t paint despite the fact I’m an artist, but I’m not one to restrict myself arbitrarily. One of the main reasons I stopped painting tho, is that I’m notoriously messy, and usually get the urge to make art when I’m wearing nice things, so I’m expecting to run out of clothes without paint on them within about a month. I’m currently working on the next images for the show and hoping that one or more will be finished soon. So for now I’ll leave you with my first #tweetart contribution, a portrait of @peepart.


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