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So, after deciding to commit to the #tweetart project I was very pleased that it only took me a couple of days to complete my first painting and I began the next one in earnest, with renewed enthusiasm for making art. It’s usually at this point that the realisation of the task starts to dawn and motivation begins to wane ever so slightly. What seemed like an amazing idea in the first instance, gives way to the realities of actually making the work. I would feel a bit guilty about this, but I’ve sat in lectures with internationally renowned artists who have expressed just that sentiment. I suppose it’s one of the pitfalls about valuing ideas over process; once the idea has been had, the rest is the donkey work.*
Louise Atkinson @jimrali

Anyway, to help me get into the flow** again, I decided to look at a few of the Twitter avatars of people who’d RT’d and/or asked to take part to see if I could get any inspiration. Apart from anything else it was great to see the reach of my part of the project and I started to find people who I’d not spoken to before who were tweeting about my venture.
This was how I happened upon @jimrali, whose avatar, a pixelated graphic of a man’s face, seemed like a relatively simple painting to make after my initial @peepart one. Not so dear reader. Turns out that painting small squares well enough to satisfy my perfectionist streak is the hardest thing I’ve ever done artwise (cue dead funny joke about artists and structure). So, after two failed attempts, and a couple of minor strops, I finally completed the next edition of my #tweetart project. Ladies and gentleman, I give you @jimrali.

* Of course there are many things to learn and explore throughout the process of making, but I find that it rarely beats the rush of endorphins that accompany the initial idea.
** If ever you find yourself struggling to get started on things, then watch this video.

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