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Those of you who are avid readers of my blog will know that I’ve decided to undertake a new project. I announced it in response to an exhibition premise called #tweetart and my element was to paint the avatars of the people who follow me. That number currently stands at about 880. ‘That’s quite a large undertaking’ remarked one tweet, followed by ‘Make sure you get my good side’. It is a large undertaking, which is why I revealed it on a public forum to make me beholden to the bizarre challenges I set for myself.
Louise Atkinson @legalbizzle
Unfortunately, this is not the only project I’m working on at the moment, because I literally can’t understand why I shouldn’t be able to do all the things I want to, despite evidence to the contrary. However, up to this point, the time I dedicate to art making has been sadly lacking in favour of curatorial and education projects. So I’m currently spending a lot more time in the studio and getting quicker at painting with each piece of work.

This is quite fortuitous because as I write this I am working on 3 separate #tweetart paintings so I have enough work for theUniversity of Incidental Knowledge staff show next week. Thankfully I’m course leader for (BSc) Social Media, so a series of avatar paintings is totally relevant. You see, although I may lack focus, it seems there’s an underlying ouvre that I can always rely on to bring my projects together. By the way, here’s @legalbizzle

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