Towser Bothy

Th’Owd Towser
Holmfirth, UK
15th – 24th June 2012
Open Fri 5-9pm, Sat, 12-9pm & Sun 12-7pm
Curated by Alice Bradshaw & Vanessa HaleyTh'Owd Towser, HolmfirthAs part of the 2012 Holmfirth Arts Festival, the oldest building in Holmfirth, Th’Owd Towser, houses a temporary bar and zine library as the Towser Bothy. 

Upstairs, a new festival zine library features selected limited edition, handmade and self-published books and zines from artists across the world, on a unique Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau inspired ‘Hafzbau’ book stand, constructed by artist Bob Milner. Downstairs, two new Nook Brewhouse festival beers ‘Sedition’ and ‘Twisted In’ are served at a specially commissioned dry stone wall bar built by Luke Powell and Tom Blaker. 

Borrow a book or zine from the library and relax at the bar or under a Luddite inspired cyanotype print silk canopy by artist Bob Clayden. There is also a programme of events as part of the festival. To find out more see
Zine library contributors are: Gijs Assmann, Tom Asz, Craig Atkinson, Louise Atkinson, Eva Bartussek, Tom Bevan, Lucy Cheung, W. Craghead, Black Dogs, Black Swan Collective, Black and White Cat Press, Joe Biel, Alice Bradshaw & Bob Milner, David Briers, Joanna Brinton, Kathleen Bryson, Andrew Burton, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Charles Danby, Helen Dearnley, Oliver East, Becky Fawcett, Albert Foolman, Daniel Frost, Globe Gallery, Michael Hampton, Shelley Jackson & Ethan Clarke, Jonathan Johnson, John Kearns, Stuart Kolakovic, Sue Lawty, Hywel Lewis, Matthew Livesey, Loosely Bound, Melanie Maddison, Manchester Modernist Society, Jean McEwan, Sera Marshall, Milk Two Sugars, Jade Montserrat, Susan Mortimer, Lydia Moyer & Tony Wright, Peter O’Toole, Pest, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Betsy Rivers, Cristy Road, Rubric Journal, The Salford Restoration Office, Secret  Ideas, Soda Press & Big Dead Thing, Oli Smith, Cherry Smyth, Jenny Steele, Reginald Swinney, Andy Watson, Mandy Williams and Mary Yacoob.

I’m very excited to have been accepted to show work as part of the Towser Bothy. It’s given me some much needed impetus to create bookworks, as well as the opportunity to work with Alice Bradshaw and Vanessa Haley again. As this exhibition is in response to the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprising, it was the perfect excuse to create editions of my ‘One Minute’ book.

‘One Minute’ is a mini flip book consisting of individual pages, each representing a second. The aesthetic of each page mimics a digital format, but the turning of the pages is entirely manual. In this respect, despite the number of pages suggesting one minute (60 seconds), the manual nature of the flip book is such that the reader determines the pace at which the pages turn, rendering the use of the book as a timekeeping device useless. However, although the book is a mockery of the digital device that it mimics, it also represents the idea that time is relative, not absolute.

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