New drawings

It’s been a while since I’ve actually had chance to sit down and make things. I had started with a few ideas a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t really sure where to take them. That was when I discovered the Wellcome Collection. Seeing all the medical, tribal and ceremonial artefacts up close in a merging of art, science and belief, gave me the inspiration for some new work.

I headed over to my studio, with a pen, a sketchbook and a copy of Gray’s anatomy and set to work. I’d had a conversation with someone recently about making as thinking, and it surprised me how easily the work developed just through the process of drawing. I know that might seem obvious to some people, but it was a revelation to me.I’m not usually a massive fan of working in sketchbooks, preferring to dive straight into projects, but recently I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dieter Roth’s sketchbooks in an exhibition and realised, not only is it a good way of channelling visual ideas, but it also shows an interesting back story to the viewer.

At this point in time these drawings are just sketchbook work, and I haven’t yet decided on the scale or exact media I want to use, but I anticipate them being the beginnings of screen prints, collages, tunnel books, and/or masks. So for now I’m going to continue with my information gathering and I’m looking forward to looking through the medical manuscripts in Special Collections at the Uni. I’ve also been thinking about the relevance of Da Vinci’s ‘Grotesques’, which ties in art and science references.

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