I’m Telling You Stories. Trust Me.

Multiplied Art Fair
Christie’s, London, UK
18th – 21st October 2013

“This year Multiplied returns for the fourth time at the peak of the contemporary art season in London. The fair is unique in offering contemporary art in editions, from prints and photographs to sculpture and artists’ books, showcasing both established and emerging artists from a range of international galleries and collectives. With free entry and works of art priced to suit every budget. Multiplied provides a unique opportunity for collectors, curators and enthusiasts to see and buy contemporary art in editions.” 

The Multiplied Art Fair at Christie’s in London was a new direction for the AMBruno group who had produced a suite of prints especially for the occasion. Each artist in the group submitted a proposal and 18 were selected, myself included. We had lots of interest in the new works and sold not one, but two suites of prints to a boutique hotel in Cheltenham. The hotel are also producing a catalogue to accompany the images to provide their guests with more information about the work. The following is an overview of the project and statements from each of the artists involved. For more images of work and from the exhibition, see http://ambruno.co.uk/trust-me.html

I’m telling you stories. Trust me. 
“For Multiplied 2013, proposals were invited for an editioned print, to be made in response to the project  brief by John McDowall: ‘I’m telling you stories. Trust me.’ to suggest perhaps, the unreliability of representation and narrative, or to tell/un-tell a story in a single plane of vision. Any print technique and process could be employed including intaglio – etching and drypoint, photography, screenprinting, digital, surface – lino and woodcut. The line ‘I’m telling you stories. Trust me.’ is reiterated throughout Jeanette Winterson’s novel The Passion, and is a very apposite encapsulation of the project, though acknowledged it was not an indication that the novel should be a source of the work. The image size and proportions varied, but the paper size was constant at 36 x 46 cm in portrait format, and each print was in an edition of 25.”

In response to the ‘I’m Telling You Stories. Trust Me.’ brief, I produced the the work ‘Tasseography Alphabet’, using a combination of digital print and chine-collé. The work explores the concept of allegory, described by Walter Benjamin as an aggregation of signs which represent fleeting and fragmentary truths. The Tasseography Alphabet therefore depicts a set of pseudo-iconographic images as a divination tool in order to express the way in which we continually try to disseminate received knowledge.

Exhibiting artists included: Louise Atkinson, Karen Blake, Marco Cali, Claire Deniau, Kathryn Faulkner, Ruth Fettis, Judy Goldhill, Barbara Greene, Jane Grisewood, Lydia Julien, Sharon Kivland, Philip Lee, Sophie Loss, John McDowall, Sumi Perera, Shelley Rae, Peter Rapp, and Cally Trench.