University of Incidental Knowledge staff show & #tweetart

Westgate Studios
Wakefield, UK
28th March 2012
Private view 5-9pm
Initiated by Alice and Bob curate

The University of Incidental KnowledgeA group exhibition by the University of Incidental Knowledge course leaders: Louise Atkinson (BA Hons Comedy & Bsc Social Media), Fundada (BA Hons Foreign Language), Vanessa Haley (BA Hons Film), Debi Holbrook (BA Hons Avant Garde), Duncan Lister (NVQ Pedantics), Bob Milner (BA Hons Cut ‘n’ Paste & Diploma in Artwank), and Sparrow+Castice (MPhil Mistakes).
The University of Incidental Knowledge is a collaboration based on a higher education model, incorporating self-directed and peer-to-peer learning. Incidental knowledge is acquired through chance, through the process of doing something else such as a journey, a day job, a holiday, watching a film or overhearing a conversation. It is unexpected, unintentional, extraneous, random, accidental or found, discovered in connection with, or resulting from, a primary activity. 
It’s been quite a while since I’ve frequented the streets of Wakefield before I defected to Leeds. At that time there were stirrings of cultural activity, but perhaps too far under the radar for me to know about. I saw Leeds as the much more cosmopolitan sibling, with flocks of new student intakes arriving each year, beguiled by its Northern cheek and charm. In the intervening years, I’ve been happy to see the grass roots cultural takeover of Yorkshire cities, and in that respect Wakefield has been no different. However, whereas Leeds has always been able to fall back on its financial roots, former industrial cities have, by necessity, enabled more creative endeavours to develop as part of their infrastructure.
This brings me to Westgate Studios, an unassuming block of studio units housed above a city centre nightclub, but home to a large creative peer network who regularly host exhibitions by international artists in the venue. The artist-led, non-hierarchical ethos seems to favour creativity over bureaucracy and it shows in the projects they produce. Since opening, the studios have seen the creation of a dedicated project space for new work, a number of international residencies, an art bar known as The Prince Albert*, and the formation of new collaborative groups such as the University of Incidental Knowledge, among others.
This Wednesday sees the fruits of those various labours go on show in the form of the University of Incidental Knowledge staff show, #tweetart and the launch of the A6 part 3 zine, as part of the bi-monthly Artwalk.
*The Prince Albert has now been transformed into Peep Gallery and will be showing a selection of #tweetart at each Artwalk during 2012. For more info on submitting to the exhibitions, click here

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