Surfaces: Works on Paper

Sput+Nik Gallery
Porto, Portugal
15th June – 28th July 2012
Curated by Steve Perfect & John McDowall
As part of AMBruno

Louise Atkinson, Dog Leg

The idea of ‘skin deep’ is commonplace, but some thinkers have sought to overturn this view of the superficial, and place significance, complexity, and profundity in the surface. Twenty four artists present work that engages with meaning captured in the surface. Artists exhibiting: Ana Efe, Cally Trench, Claire Deniau, Heidi Locher, Ingrid Jensen, Jane Grisewood, Joanna Hill, John McDowall, Judy Goldhill, Karen Blake, Katalin Hausel, Katherine Melancon, Louise Atkinson, Lilian Igbinosun, Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Manya Donaque, Marco Cali, Mary Yacoob, Philip Lee, Yaron Lapid, Sharon Kivland, Sophie Loss, Steve Perfect, Tim Riley and Georgia Elizey.

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I’ve been involved with AM Bruno properly now since last September, but I’ve gained so much from it that it feels a lot longer than that. My recent involvement has allowed me to focus more on my magazine collages as, although AM Bruno is a collective devoted primarily to showcasing artist books, its practitioners span a range of media and the exhibitions they produce often have a wider focus.

As part of this exhibition I will be showing two A3 works from a series of collages created from body parts cut from magazines. Through creating new images from magazine source material, the work aims the subvert the intended message and nature of the medium.

Image: Louise Atkinson, Dog Leg, Magazine Collage, 2009

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