Artists’ Bookmarket 2013
Fruitmarket Gallery
Edinburgh, UK
20th April 2013

“The Fruitmarket Gallery is excited to introduce the third Artists’ BookMarket, this April. For one spring day, The Fruitmarket Gallery will transform into a marketplace where you will find unique artists’ books and publications for sale, come face to face with the artists who make them and join in book-making workshops. Stallholders are travelling to the Gallery from far and wide. You’ll find work to interest you from the likes of Switzerland, Canada, London and a bit closer to home too. 

The BookMarket programme of fairs, events and kiosks provides platforms for artists, designers, publishers and makers from the Gallery’s extended creative community to sell and present their work at The Fruitmarket Gallery. Recent events have served artists’ book makers, contemporary designers, art students and Scottish art publishers and have been occasions for networking, partnership-forming and driving sales.”

This year, I took part in the Fruitmarket Bookmarket with Artist Book Collective’s first curated stall on the theme of instructions. Taking inspiration from Fluxus, mail art and relational practice, each participating artist provided works for sale, loosely based on the idea of a guide, almanac or puzzle. I also be gave a talk about the history of the Artist Book Collective during the day. The artists in the show were Craig Atkinson, Black Dogs, Manya Donaque, Alex Hetherington (Modern Edinburgh Film School), Benedict Phillips, Louisa Parker, Archie Salandin, and myself. The curatorial brief was inspired by Fluxus, mail art and relational practice, so each artist provided book works which were loosely based on the idea of a guide, almanac or puzzle. A full list of images and text can be seen on ABCarchive. All in all, it was a very interesting experience and I even got to meet Alec Finlay!

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